This month

For 14 years we have served the Parkinson’s community as leaders of the Saddleback Church Parkinson’s support group. We have enjoyed the fellowship and friendship with each of you for all these years. After 14 years we think it’s time to step down and let someone else have a turn. The August meeting was our last official (Zoom) meeting .  

Our New leader is Manny Johnston. We are sure he will do a fine job volunteering.  He has many leadership skills. He was our Boxing instructor at Saddleback Church for a while until COVID-19 changed the world.

As of right now we have no meetings planned.  Our next meeting together is indeterminate and there  will be no meeting in September, October or November. Perhaps in December or January Manny will start up our group and hopefully we can meet in person.

Don’t forget to check out this Website for any new meetings or new information.

Thank you for your friendship and understanding. May God bless each of you in your Parkinson’s journey.

Nancy and Lee Penney

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