Support Group Meeting on Wednesday August 14th at 2pm in the Plaza Building P102. We are having a noted Neurologist speak to us, Dr. Kenneth Martinez. He is a movement disorder specialist and has been in the Orange County area for many years and is very well known in our community. He is an excellent speaker, so be sure to come and bring a friend! Snack provider is Diana Schmidlin.

Thursday's at 2pm in the Refinery is our boxing class. Manny Johnston has begun our PD Warriors for Christ boxing class. Manny is very experienced in martial arts and has volunteered his time. The price is right, free! Come and try something new, fun and beneficial.

Saturday August 31 the Tremble Clefs will be performing a concert for family and friends at the Laguna County United Methodist Church, 24442 Moulton Pkwy, Laguna Woods. Shake, Rattle and sing will be a great concert. Come and enjoy. See a Tremble Clefs member for a free ticket or call Karen with any questions 714-496-1756.

NOTE. There will be no Support Group meeting in September.

If anyone has an urgent need, please feel free to call us and we can talk or meet you for coffee. Call Nancy at 949-351-8250 or email at

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Parkinson's Events in Orange County

Who are the Tremble Clefs?  Why we sing.

As you may know the Tremble Clefs, a local therapeutic PD Singing Group has become very close and personal to Lee.  Here is a new video produced for Parkinson's Awareness Month. Look closely and you might even see glimpses of a few familiar faces. 

Check it out here

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Future Events

Discussion Topics in 2019 include:

I'm not driving now so what's available?

Comparison of walking aids (canes, walking sticks, pole walking, walkers)

My favorite form of exercise?

Weekly Inspirational Stories from Sandy's 52 Best. Try this link. We think you will like it and will want to sign up to get it delivered free in your mailbox. The weekly Friday Morning Story is an inspiring true-life message that touches both mind and heart while putting a smile on your face or a tear in your eye.

PEP4U. What is this free program designed especially for PWP (People With Parkinson's)?

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Our next meeting is on Wednesday July 10th at 2pm in the Saddleback Church Room P-102, Plaza Building is our regular support meeting. Our featured speaker is Liz Puffer, a Saddleback Church staff member. She will be talking about "How to get through those difficult times in life". Liz and her husband Gary have had numerous medical issues and have some words of wisdom to share. Snack providers are Manny and Serena.

TRY SOMETHING NEW! Our second meeting is on July 11th. It is the start of the new Parkinson's Boxing programs called PD Warriors for Christ. This will be led by Manny Johnston who has many years experience in Martial Arts, and he also has PD. Manny is volunteering his time to help us, free of charge. He has some equipment but bring your own gloves if you have them. This is non contact Boxing and greatly improves many areas of our life. We will let Manny tell you about all that. Our first meeting is Thursday July 11th at 2pm in the refinery Building at Saddleback Church on the half court Basketball area inside, and air-conditioned. Both men and women are welcome. Please wear your tennis shoes. Thank you.

Thursday July 25th we will continue with our Boxing with Manny. He has started the Group and calling it PD Warriors for Christ. It's lots of fun and very good exercise. We plan to have this as a continuous class weekly at 2pm in the Refinery. Don't miss out on the excitement! Try something new. Nancy did and she really likes it, and so does Lee!

Saddleback Church, Parkinson's Support Group meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 2pm in the Plaza room P-102.

Saddleback Church, Parkinson's Boxing Group, PD Warriors for Christ, will begin Thursday July 12 at 2pm in the Refinery Building on the Half Court basketball. Don't miss out! For more information please call Manny.

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