About Our Group

We, both patients and caregivers, know what a debilitating and discouraging disease Parkinson’s can be.
Don’t face the difficulties of the disease alone. Come join us and find the information, support and friendship needed to face the ever changing challenges of this disease.
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Purposes of our Group

  • Provide a Safe Place to Share
    This should be a safe place to share thoughts, feelings and emotions that can be shared nowhere else. Confidentiality is the basic requirement. Anything personal shared in the Group must stay in the Group.
  • Provide a Place to find Support and Understanding
    We are surrounded by others who truly understand our situation because of common issues, common experiences, and common frustrations in daily living with Parkinson’s. There is comfort in a shared journey through the challenges of PD.
  • Provide a Place to find Practical Solutions
    Our group gives help with the challenges and chaos of daily life. There is a wealth of knowledge from members in this Group and from our regular guest speakers.
  • Provide a Place to Develop Friendships
    Friends Help Us Through Hardships and Friends Delight in Sharing Our Successes

In Summary

Our Support Group is a Safe Place to Share; a Place to Find Understanding and Support,; a Place to Find Practical Solutions; a Place to Develop Friendships.
Remember: There is no need to go through this experience alone! We Care About Each Other. We are better together!
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